Zarnesti – a city where the sport is at home

Due to climate and especially the city’s geographical position in Zarnesti can practice several sports such as football, climbing, skiing, motocross, mountainbiking, to .
Zarnesti is known mainly because it was climbing a long period of time devoted to one sport to the city by winning athletes from the club Torpedo zarnesteni of many competitions in the field.
Maybe it is just as devoted to motocross, a sport that has been practiced for many years to Zarnesti, early on in the arms of stone hut near the mouth of Little River and later to conduct tests on Brebina route, recently repaired Brasov to own a big company that owns and Vectra motocross club.
A newer sport that is practiced mainly by tourists is riding (riding) that begins to develop rapidly a few centers where you can rent horses and equipment necessary to practice this sport.