Zarnesti city history

On the territory of the city of Zarnesti seems that people lived in ancient times, and it seems that here were buried the XIII Gemina Legion soldiers. First document that reminds us of Zarnesti dates from 1373 under the name of Zarna, and in 1395 is remembered as “Possessió regalis Zernez”. Other major names still appear after 1437 : Zernez, Villa Czern, Zernyest. In other languages Zarnesti is Zernescht in German and Zernyest in Hungarian.

Zarnesti town developed on the old settlement town of Zarnesti, documentary attestation of the city was in 1367, as attested Tohan city in 1294, ranged among the oldest settlements that have preserved a national fund untouched. Zarnesti was declared city in 1951, olso part of the city are Old Tohan and the New Tohan in 1968 .

Due to the diversity of landforms within the territory and around town, practicing trades related to agriculture and animal husbandry were the main occupations of the people for many years before.

The process of industrialization of the town began around 1800, with the establishment of manufactures, and paper factory (1852), cellulose (Celohart – ECOPAPER) (1889), arms factories (March 6) in 1936 and then with great industrialization after 1950. This forced the people to migrate from rural to a predominantly urban one.

Zarnesti city has developed primarily in communism era when reaches approximately 25,000 people and enhancement of neighborhoods .

After the Romanian Revolution of 1989 the situation changed. At first, followed by deindustrialization national trend that led to the closure of these plants will subsequently be transformed into industrial parks then to be sold piece by piece .

Today in Zarnesti people began to develop tourism commerce and the trend is a good one for the city future.

City Day is celebrated every summer in August for 17 years now under the aegis – Zarnesti City Days – Edelweiss Festival every year where local bands go on stage and beyond.