Piatra Craiului

Natural Park / National / Reserve / Protected Area Mountains / Massif

Though not meet height and massiveness of Fagaras Mountains Park, National Park, however, the composition was entirely of limestone ridge in elegance, the lattices of mine worked like a jeweler, the monumental rocky walls, all made like a jeweler value through rich forests and many of its feet, is for lovers of natural beauty, a superlative domain. The variety and diversity of limestone rock walls and enjoy the same kind of flora and fauna to match.

Located in SE Carpathians at an altitude that remained on the crest at about 2,000 m, highest altitude in Vf.La Man (Baciului Peak) 2238 m Mountains Mountains perish raises its crest of 25 Km long and thin with neighbors Bucegi mountains, Fagaras, Iezer doll, Leaota. It is located in Brasov and Arges radius, respectively Zarnesti localities, Bran, Moeciu Rucar, Dambovicioara, Pestera, Magura, Satic, Sirnea.

Massif became a nature reserve in March 28, 1938 (Journal of the Council of Ministers no. 645).

In 1938, when the nature reserve was established to the extent of 440 ha. In 1972, it increased to 900 ha area, and today, special conservation area covers a large area of 4879ha, occupying 9894 ha national park area.

In 1990 Massif national park is declared by Order 7 of the Ministry of Agriculture, along with 12 other parks in Romania.

On May 24, 2007, National Park has received the European Diploma for Protected Areas. The distinction offered by the Council of Europe, European institution placed under the patronage of the park. (Pcrai.ro source)