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Libearty Bear Sanctuary

Established in 2005, open to the public in 2008, located in the forest on the hill from the entrance to the town of Zărnești, 2 km from the national road 73A Râșnov – Zărnești – Sibiu, the Libearty sanctuary in Zărnești covers an area of 69 hectares. The largest reserve of brown bears in the world and the only one in Romania.
The Libearty Sanctuary was created in memory of the bear Maya and is today the home of over 100 bears, all rescued from a cruel and abusive life of captivity. Most of the bears were rescued from captivity, confined in small cages, miserable, just for fun for restaurants, hotels, factories, gas stations, circuses or even monasteries.
Children under five years are not allowed inside the “Libearty” Bear Sanctuary , for safety reasons, for the smooth running of the visit and for the welfare of the bears. Please be prepared to provide a document certifying the age of the children.

To avoid queues and ensure you enter on the day and time you want, please purchase your tickets online here:


On weekdays declared officially free, weekend prices are applied.
Students over the age of 25 DO NOT benefit of the discount ticket!

Children groups must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.The price of tickets for children is valid for persons up to 18 years.

For children groups benefit from free admission, if they present proof that they are accompanying teachers (certificate from the school unit or the trip file and the bulletin), within
the limit of an accompanying teacher for 10 children.

Groups who make a reservation by phone at one of the phone numbers +40 268471202 or +40 731334791 (available from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 16.00) or by e-mail at , with a minimum of 48 hours in advance, for private guidance, can benefit from this service for an additional fee of 150 euros / group (at the NBR exchange on that day), in addition to the price of the ticket.

It is the most complex tour that the sanctuary visitors can enjoy. It lasts for about two and a half hours on a four-kilometer-long route. The route includes a visit to the first Teddy-Bear Museum in Romania, and the bunker from where the bears can be observed in the middle of their enclosure. The VIP tour is available at 9.00 AM, during the spring, summer and autumn
schedule and 10.00 AM during the winter schedule.
The cost includes a private guiding fee of 150 euro/group + a fee of 50 euro/person .To join a VIP tour, you must book at least 48 hours in advance at (+40) 268471202 or by e-mail at: .

An unique experience with the most majestic animals, in the world’s largest brown bear sanctuary, are the perfect ingredients for a dreamlike afternoon. The visit takes place with a car,
specially equipped for such an adventure, with guides ready to answer all your curiosities about our bears. Although you can also take photos, the most beautiful images will remain printed in
your heart. A visit at the bear’s home, in a bunker placed in the middle of a more than 14 hectares big enclosure, will fulfill the emotions experienced at Libearty.
This tour is available only by appointment, at least 48 hours before the visit and it lasts for about 1.5 – 2 hours, starting with 5 PM. You can book by phone at (+40) 268471202 or by e-mail at: .
The car has 8 seats ( two inside the car and another six outside ) and is available from Tuesday to Friday.
The costs of such a tour are 500 euros, regardless of the number of persons (between 1 and 8 people). The raised funds will be used to rescue other captive bears still living in poor conditions.

It is a special tour, for people who are travelling slowly or cannot keep up with a compact group, on a regular tour. This tour can be organized only if there are at least two paying adults and
a maximum 22 visitors. During the train tour, you will get a free guide.
The train is available only if the weather conditions allow us to operate it safely!

The access inside the sanctuary with any kind of photo-camera, is charged with an extra 50 lei, except phone cameras. Exceptions are made for the tours that are dedicated specially to
professional photographers.

The “Libearty” bear Sanctuary is not a zoo!
The “Libearty” Sanctuary does not receive any public funds!
It’s our forest. Please respect it!
Do not throw us food, we don’t need it!
Please switch off your mobiles!
Do not use the flashes! They bother us!
Do not eat or drink in front of us! It’s rude!
Stay together, follow the guide and listen patiently to our stories!
Do not make any noise!
Thus, we will know that you are our friends!