Did you know … ?

Did you know:

– Over 70% of existing diseases worldwide are transmitted through secretions from the nose and throat man?

– Caffeine increases calcium concentration in urine, urine volume and increase worse first loss. Caffeine also prevents, to the kidney, reabsorption of calcium,
which is eliminated through the urine!

– tiredness disappear with vegetables, sprouted grains and seeds.

– In 80 years of life, a man’s heart pumps about 201,240,000 liters of blood?

– An adult man consumes 18,864 liters of air in 24 hours?

– Man eats 30 to almost daily part of her body weight?

– Every second die and are born in the human body a total of about 7 million red blood cells?

– In a minute brain is irrigated by 740-750 ml of blood?

– the longest bone in the human body is the femur, typically reaching up to 27.5% of body height. And the shortest is the scale of the box eardrum, which is only 3-4 mm.

– A kidney receives more than a liter of blood per minute?

– Daily eliminate about a half liter of normal human urine and urinate 5-6 times a day?

– Aspirin, the most used drug in the world?

– Chewing gum was first used by adults in order to perform a massage on the gums, with positive effects on blood circulation to the gums and even tooth pulp? Continuous Chewing
exaggerated chewing increases the amount of saliva secreted by the salivary glands (up to 800-1000/zi). The large amount of saliva swallowed, especially in children realize distemia stomach, and
diluting the juice ferments in the stomach, protein digestion is so disturbing.

– harmful substances in cigarette smoke are two categories: nicotine and carcinogens. Nicotine is addictive: smokers can hardly allow smoking.
All nicotine is the arteries that cause illness. The other category of disease caused by smoking is cancer in the first row of bodies that come in direct contact with the smoke:
lung cancer, larynx, lip.

– cancer develops from cancerous cells under the influence of carcinogenic substance and gradually destroy the entire body.

– Bestsellers mendicamente in the world are: paste produced by Pfizer (excess cholesterol), Plavix (heart disease), NEXIUM (heart disease), Seretide / Advair (asthma), Zocor (cholesterol in excess) ,
Norvasc (blood pressure), Zyprexa (schizophrenia), RISPERDAL (schizophrenia), Prevacid (heart disease), Effexor (depression).

– In 2007 best-selling drug in Romania was NeoRecormon, produced by Swiss company Hoffmann La Roche used to treat anemia, the following is Pegasys, all of the
Hoffmann La Roche used to treat hepatitis.

– Approximately 10% of Romania’s population suffer from hepatitis B and C.

– the most common diseases among the Romans, in terms of severity, are cardiovascular diseases like hypertension and ischemic cardiomyopathy, pulmonary diseases,
tuberculosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary, digestive diseases, cancer and hepatitis.

– The stomach is the organ most sensitive to the negative effects of stress, difficult digestion reacted by abdominal bloating or changes in bowel habits,
the alternation between diarrhea and constipation seats rebellious appearance.

– Eliminating chocolate does not necessarily lead to weight loss, the four conditions that must be met in order to succeed in weight loss are reducing the caloric value of food,
permanent elimination of hunger sensation, giving up unhealthy foods and age appropriate physical activity and health.

– Lack of water is due to no. A daytime fatigue and a decrease of only 2% of water in the body can lead to temporary loss of memory?

– If you drink five glasses of water daily decreases the risk of cancer by 45% in colon cancer risk by 79% and 50% of breast cancer possibilities of the vagina?

– grapefruit, oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits contribute to breast health.

– Horseradish has been used as a spice since ancient times, due to strong spicy taste, but also as an aphrodisiac.

– Green tea may reduce the risk of HIV infection.

– frequent consumption of foods seasoned with hot peppers may help lower risk of cancer and other serious diseases of the body?

– A plant on the whole the human reproductive system, in both women and men is Branca-bear. If you have problems of sterility or impotence,
Take a teaspoon of tincture four times a day. Treatment can prevent and problems of menopause and ovarian failure.

– A cup of coffee a day may protect the liver serious diseases as cirrhosis or cancer.

– apple is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C and nutrients and has therapeutic properties of the human body!

– In case of problems because of the heat wave and rising body temperature can have problems. In this case the person with problems
must lie down feet higher than the rest of the body to stimulate blood flow to the brain and heart.
Also, the patient must be given a glass of sugar water and a container of calcium. Next measure the patient’s body is cooled by inserting it into a hot bath.