Signaling for help

In case of danger on the mountain you can get help in these ways:

1. In case you have mobile cell phone 0SALVAMONT or call 112 if you do not have this option you can try the following.

2. With flashing lights with a flashlight, a lantern, a fire, primus, to, or the day with a mirror.

3. The visual signals with different objects.

4. The acoustic signals like screams, whistles, hitting metal objects like ice ax, tent poles, pot, pans, it was

is launched every six signals, from 10 to 10 seconds for one minute. Between them is a one minute break.

If the signal has been received for response must be received three signals per minute, following a minute’s pause.

who seek help must continue to give up those signals come to help them reach it.

one who received the rescue call signal is required, after responding that she did, to alert the anointed place apopiat can send help.

If the tourist was in a state of danger is in an alpine refuge or near it, so raising the alarm red flag that should be in regiu.