Zarnesti can be reached by road or by car, bus, rail or on foot from Brasov.

Brasov distance is about 25 miles per DN 73 – DN 73A, 7 km from Poiana DN 73A of 38 miles on Sercaia Road 73A
7 Km from Bran DN 73 – DN 73A. Distance to the city is 10 miles on Rasnov Road 73A to Pitesti are 120 miles on
DN 73 to DN 73 and DN Bucharest 1 is approx. 160 Km to Sibiu are approx. 150 Km.

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geographic and demographic information:

Altitude: 722 m


Latitude: 45 ° 34 ’10 “N

Longitude: 25 ° 20 ’25 “E

Country: Romania

County: Brasov

Certification documentary 1373

Population in 2002: 25 332


208.74 km2, ie 3.78% of the county of Brasov, in which:

Zarnesti: 173.3 km2

Tohani Old: 17.86 km2

Quarter March 6 or Tohan Blocks: 32 km2

Tohani New: 17.26 km2

Population density: inh./km2 123.83

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Zarnesti Satellite Location

Distances from various points in the city Zarnesti Romania

Distantele catre Zarnesti

Location Zarnesti city of Brasov county map

Map villages and roads in the county of Brasov

Localities and road map of Brasov

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Harta judetului Brasov