Holidays required by law

Holidays required by law in Romania

According to the Labor Code, every employee is entitled to a vacation of at least 20 working days annual leave to be requested and granted in the year. It should be noted that through the collective bargaining agreement for the years 2005 – 2006 was established at the national level, a vacation for 21 days.

Currently employees are entitled to the following holidays:

– marriage employee – 5 days

– marriage of a child – two days;

– childbirth – 5 days + 10 days if it followed a course in childcare;

– death of spouse, child, parents, law – 3 days

– death of grandparents, brothers, sisters – one day;

– blood donors – according to law;

– from changing jobs within the same unit, relocating to another town – 5 days.

For marriage, each future spouse is entitled to 5 days holiday. They can be taken before marriage or after marriage, as does her future husband, on condition of bringing a copy of the marriage certificate.

Employees are entitled to 30 days leave without pay, granted only once, for preparing and defending the diploma in higher education, evening and extramural.

Besides the holiday, the employee entitled to the following holidays:

– 1, 2 January;

– January 24 birthday Union principalities in case the vote;

– first and second day of Easter;

– May 1;

– June 1;

– August 15 of Saint Mary;

– December 1;

– the first and second day of Christmas;

– 2 days for each of the two annual religious holidays, declared by religious laws, other than Christian, for persons belonging to them.

To resolve some personal situations, employees are entitled to unpaid leave.