<strong> Zarnesti city Tourism and its surroundings. </ Strong>

Due to the geographical position Zarnesti city has great development opportunities in tourism, especially in mountain areas. The city’s tourism base is not very developed but you can practice tourism in optimal conditions. This Agro-tourism and chalets in Zarnesti to make a practical or leisure travel is called a “green” or “organic.”
Tourists can come to Zarnesti inopta the hostels in the city or the nearby area Plaiul Foii, Poiana-Predelut or Tohan. They may practice during the Zarnesti spent climbing, riding (riding), hiking or mountain can enjoy the nature in its true splendor in the wildest areas in Europe, namely the National Park where wildlife population is very large. Massif is also the main tourist attraction is the main base area of Zarnesti departure for most of the most beautiful tourist routes in the massif. They can practice walking with carts pulled by horses to nearby villages or Magura cave, or can practice so-called “bird watching” in Prapastiile Zarnestiului or surroundings. Area’s tourism potential is huge and can not express in words.

Attractive in this National Park near the mountains, is an excellent Zarnesti on the tourist map in terms of beauty of places, people and hospitality locations where you can accommodate. Currently the network of guesthouses or holiday homes is expanding, which only makes us happy. The number of tourists is still small though it is growing, the owners of hostels with a lot more places than the number of tourists. We hope that in coming years to increase tourist numbers, one potential area all too big.

In the city you can accommodate one of the more than 20 guesthouses, one of the huts or chalet from Piatra Craiului Massif, or you can come up with tent or trailer! That depends on the conditions that you expect from your accommodation. More information about pensions and chalets with accommodation can be found in the pages of the site at Accommodation page and  Chalets and Refuges page.

Once in town you should think Zarnesti accommodation. You can choose from more than 20 guesthouses that offer comfort or one of the mountain huts. After leisure accommodation that you’ll spend it here you can fill it in several ways:

– Visiting the city neighborhoods, churches,

– You can eat and a place at restaurants and pizzerias in the city,

– You can walk in nearby woods,

– National Park or walking in the mountains Bucegi

– Climbing in Prapastiile Zarnestiului,

– Motocross path nearby

– Rides horses

– You can visit the city of Rasnov or Bran Castle

– Municipalities Magura cave or Poaiana Marului remembered to bring the old times or

– You can sit and relax at a picnic in nature.

– Play tennis or football grounds club Torpedo

– Can make or mountainbiking rides ATV’s

– And more!

Recently appeared in the forest near the city “bears Reserve” where various specimens of this race to spread on our land, who have been abused or poorly cared for in zoos or through certain areas not wild because these bears do not come from areas that mountain forest near Tampa in Brasov, but are the bears that came into contact with humans more often and are less wild. This reserve is closed to the public since November, said that because different groups of tourists strange, for a sum of money, had access to the reservation. It remains to be seen whether in future, the current reserve surrounded by fences, barriers and surveillance cameras will be time for visiting tourists or not.